Made for United Game Jam 2020

Shooter game. Use A to steer left, D to steer right and Space to shoot. 

Year 2222, for some reason everybody can only move 2 frames per second. Except you. And for some reason all the weapons can only shoot 2 bullets per second. You have a song playing in your head. The song's tempo is 120 bpm which is 2 beats per second. It can't be a coincidence, right? 

You are the only one in the whole universe. Everybody is after you. They blame you for all of this. But you heard a rumor about someone. Someone like you. Good luck with the search of the 2nd person who did not get effected by whatever this is.

And also this is my 2nd jam. I feel like Jım Carrey in "The Number 23".

Sprites from:

Background elements from:

Music from:

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Cool game I just wish the bullets were faster

this goes really great with the theme! good job!


Nice job! the music fits the game really well, and i laughed when I was reading your description. All those 2's really hit the theme home lol. The game is hard but I got better with some practice, my only thought is to have a little less enemys. Out of 20 tries I my best attempt was like 15 seconds so it was harder to get invested.

something about the real ryhtm of gameplay feels off. i'm not sure what but it feels like there isn't enough content, and the score counter is based off of how many enemies you defeat rather than time survived, which just seems a little more natural, but these are still just my opinion

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I love the game! It has great music great graphics and a clever usage of the theme 2. Can you send a link to the music? : )


if bullets can should faster it would be much better.